KWM is a signatory of Business for Nature’s Call to Action, ‘Nature is Everyone’s Business’ 

16th May 2022

KWM Wealth is a signatory of Business for Nature's Call to Action, ‘Nature is Everyone's Business’.  Alongside over 1,000 other companies, we're calling on  Governments to enact ambitious policies for nature so that together we can reverse nature loss in this decade.  You can read more here

Nature underpins our health wellbeing and economy

Businesses depend on a healthy planet to provide a stable operating environment, customers and workforces, and the natural resources necessary for production – food, fiber, water, minerals, building materials and more.

The Dasgupta Review published in February 2021 emphasizes the need for transformational change and the acceptance of the “simple truth” that economies exist within and are dependent upon the natural world.

Nature also provides ecosystem services worth at least US$125 trillion/year globally which businesses benefit from at no cost, for example through waste decomposition, flood control, pollination of crops, water purification, carbon sequestration and climate regulation.

These services yield significant value; it is estimated that US$235 billion – US$577 billion (5 to 8%) of current global crop production is directly attributable to animal pollination, and that the supply of free water reached €16 billion a year at European level for the consumption of economic sectors and households.

Preserving and restoring nature is an economic imperative

Corporate and institutional investors are increasingly demanding nature-related disclosures and the setting of science-based targets (SBTs) for nature. Consumer demand for sustainable goods rose by 71% over the past five years. Regulators are also taking more ambitious steps, evidenced by the new EU sustainable finance taxonomy.

According to the World Economic Forum (July 2020), transitioning towards a sustainable economy could create 395 million jobs by 2030 and generate $US 10.1 trillion in business opportunities.

Business and governments must work together to transform our economic and financial systems

Leading companies are making ambitious commitments and taking decisive action on nature. Over 1,100 businesses are committed to set science-based climate targets and now they are signing up to develop and implement nature science-based targets. Business can use the High-level Business Actions on Nature, developed by Business for Nature, Capitals Coalition, SBTN, TNFD, WBCSD and WWF, to act now to help reverse nature loss.

These voluntary actions are much needed but not enough. We need to rapidly accelerate efforts if we are to deliver the transformation that’s needed. Businesses cannot address this global crisis on their own.

To accelerate action, governments must set ambitious nature and climate policies that provide direction and momentum. This gives clarity for the private sector to unlock new business opportunities and creates a level playing field and stable operating environment.

Political leadership is needed now, and this is why KWM are a proud signatory of Business for Nature's Call to Action.

KWM is a signatory of Business for Nature’s Call to Action, ‘Nature is Everyone’s Business’ 
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