Ben Wershof

Ben Wershof

Head of Technical and Risk
Joined KWM


Ben joined KWM in 2015 and has been an integral part of our growth ever since. As a key member of our Management Team, he oversees the technical and risk aspects of our operations.

With a background in both the public and private financial sectors, Ben brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to KWM. His expertise had been instrumental in shaping and designing our infrastructure and technical process, to ensure they run efficiently.

On a day-to-day basis, Ben supports both clients and colleagues, ensuring we are delivering exceptional outcomes in every area of the business. He plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining key relationships throughout the business and fully understands how the smooth functioning of daily activities benefits our clients.

Bens approach to work is characterised by his attention to detail. His commitment to excellence drives the culture within his team and has set the tone for our supportive and collaborative working environment.

Outside of work, Ben has a wide variety of interests which include, fitness, food, and cultural pursuits. He has a keen interest in music and film and proudly supports West Ham United.

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