John Klipp

John Klipp

Founder & CEO,
Chartered Financial Planner

BSc (Hons) in Mathematics
APFS - Chartered Financial Planner

John is the founder and CEO of KWM Wealth, and he holds the designation of Chartered Financial Planner.

Having achieved a first-class BSc in Mathematics from Manchester University, John began his professional journey by overseeing the financial affairs of a prominent sports and entertainment company where he managed the finances of both the company and its exclusive clientele. This experience led him to the involvement in the Thai acquisition of Manchester City FC in 2007. It was during this transaction that John was first introduced to the bustling City of London, culminating in accepting a position on the credit desk at J.P. Morgan. There he managed structured portfolios for institutional clients and private investors.

Inspired by these experiences, John founded KWM Wealth in 2009 with a clear vision: to empower individuals and inspire their financial futures. He embedded his unwavering passion and motivation into the foundations of KWM, along with a strong commitment to be responsible and to do the right thing. These values continue to guide KWM’s operations to this day.

As the CEO of KWM, John leads by example, motivating and inspiring his team, and takes immense pride in the exceptional outcomes KWM consistently achieves for its clients. He firmly believes that with a clear vision coupled with positive energy, determination, and hard work, anything is attainable.

As a Chartered Financial Planner, John provides highly technical financial advice to a diverse range of clients, including prominent global figures in the sport and entertainment sector and a range of private clients from various other sectors. John has established himself as a trusted, innovative, and highly effective financial expert who consistently delivers exceptional client outcomes.

John’s accomplishments include being recognised as the youngest-ever partner of St. James’ Place at the age of 24. In 2022, John was awarded the prestigious status of becoming a Principal Partner of SJP, placing him among a select group of ambassadors closely collaborating with the SJP Executive Board.

Outside of life at KWM, John is passionate and committed to giving back. He served as a Trustee and the Treasurer for The Ben Kinsella Trust from 2014 to 2020 and remains actively involved in various charitable causes. John also has a love for music, a passion for football, and enjoys being outdoors exploring the World. However, his ultimate joy comes from creating precious memories with his wife and two young daughters.

John is always enthusiastic about forging new connections and exploring opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to him; he would be delighted to hear from you.

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