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Personal financial uncertainty can be a major source of stress for individuals.

More than a third (~40%) of UK Employees reported that financial concerns were their biggest worry¹, and over two fifths admitted to having lost sleep over money worries².

Not only does this kind of stress adversely impact their mental health; it also affects their performance. Businesses depend on their people for success – so the wellbeing of your workforce is essential.

As part of our UK-wide Workplace Financial Wellbeing Programme, we collaborate with organisations like yours to support the financial wellbeing of your biggest asset – your people.

We help them better understand their own financial circumstances and empower them to make more informed money decisions, wherever they are in their lives and careers. Our relatable workshops, delivered by a team of qualified KWM experts, will be invaluable for just about anyone.

So, why not make an investment in the future growth and success of your business – by first investing in a programme that nurtures the financial and mental wellbeing of your workforce?

¹Wagestream, The State of Financial Wellbeing, 2022

²Close Brothers, Changing trends of financial wellbeing, 2020

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