Cash Services
by Flagstone

Most of us have cash reserves sitting in savings accounts – having cash to hand if you need to access funds fast is part of a healthy, well-balanced financial plan.

However, the real value of this cash is often being eroded by inflation, meaning that the purchasing power of your cash is decreasing year by year.

If you want to try and combat inflation, and earn the best interest rates, you need to keep a close eye on all the options out there.

Don’t be afraid to move money when it suits you!

Interest rates go up and down. So, while we’re often aware that our cash reserves aren’t invested in the most lucrative accounts, it takes time to research the best deals, and even more time to open or close multiple accounts safely – and confidently.

This is where client of KWM are fortunate in that they can benefit from the SJP Cash Deposit Service, powered by Flagstone. This is an innovative online cash management portal.

The SJP Cash Deposit Service powered by Flagstone enables you to manage your cash deposits simply and safely. It gives you the ability to compare rates from more than 40 banks and building societies in just a few minutes. And through a single application form, you can access hundreds of different deposit accounts giving you the freedom to switch your cash between banks. This freedom helps you to maximise the interest you earn and spread your risk across multiple banks, protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

You can use this service if you’re a private individual and joint account, a business or charity client, or if you hold SIPP/SSAS and other trust accounts.

The SJP Cash Deposit Service powered by Flagstone is reassuringly secure and easy to use.  Please speak to your KWM Adviser to find out more.

Please note this service is separate and distinct to the services offered by KWM or St. James’s Place.

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