Short-term loans can also be a popular way of borrowing cash that you only need for a short period of time. If you need a bridging loan, or you want to build that conservatory or swimming pool, for example, it may not make sense, or be tax efficient, to cash in your long-term investments to fund these situations. In which case, you may well be able to use eligible investments as security, and KWM might be able to arrange borrowing against your investment portfolio.

Short-term borrowing needs may include:

  • A luxury purchase
  • Bridging a residential property purchase
  • Home improvements
  • One-off tax payment

SJP work with major banks to make available these lending facilities to clients, secured against their St. James’s Place investment portfolios. The lending bank will take a charge over your investments and you will be unable to make withdrawals from or changes to your charged investments without prior approval from the bank.

If the value of the investments falls relative to the agreed loan facility, the lending may need to be repaid in full. Rates and charges will apply – please contact us for full details.

 Please note that some of the products in this space are separate and distinct to those offered by KWM Wealth and St. James’s Place.

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