Protection is fundamental. Although it’s very easy to put off or avoid, it answers one of our most basic desires – to keep safe all we hold dear.

Our good health is arguably our most precious asset. It’s often something we take for granted.

Protection is about more than simply buying a life insurance policy – more than ever it’s vital to consider the whole picture. How will your family cope in the event that you passed away? What would happen in the event of an illness? Are you prepared should you suffer a loss of income?

Life assurance provides a tax-free lump sum to whoever you chose to receive it when you die.

Critical illness plans provide a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of a large number of specified illnesses, such as cancer* or suffer a heart attack.

Income protection gives you the reassurance that you would receive some or all of your income if you had to take time off work due to an accident or serious illness.

However, protecting you and your family is more than just buying an insurance policy – it’s about being able to guarantee that your wealth is passed to those you intended, in the way you intended.

There are multiple ways you can ensure your loved ones benefit from your wealth.

At KWM, we can help you to assess your individual situation and requirements, before devising a plan to ensure you have the peace of mind you need. We work with a number of providers to ensure you have the peace of mind you need.

* Not all forms of cancer are covered with every Critical Illness policy, and your KWM Adviser will discuss with you the different levels of cover on different providers’ policies at the time of advice.

The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time and are dependent on individual circumstances.

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