Business Owners
& Company Directors

Corporate Financial Planning

Running a business today takes a great deal of hard work and commitment.

Increasingly, the pressures of running a successful business can take priority over the time spent on planning your and your employees’ financial security.

On top of this, it’s becoming ever more complex to extract funds from a business tax efficiently.

So when it comes to the businesses’ finances, and indeed your own, you could probably do with a helping hand to ease the pressure and keep things running smoothly.

Effective planning is key, especially as your business grows and the finances start to become increasingly complex.

At KWM we can assist you in managing your corporate wealth.  We have extensive experience in

  • Tax efficient extraction strategies
  • Investing excess funds on the balance sheet
  • Advising on Business Property Relief
  • Auto Enrolment and Executive Pension Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Family Investment Companies

We can help you put the right plans in place with our range of services designed for the corporate world.

Corporate Protection

Furthermore, all businesses should be sufficiently protected.

Key Person.

The death or serious illness of a key Director or Employee can have far-reaching or even disastrous consequences for a business. This could result in:

  • loss of profits
  • the recall of loans
  • reduced capacity
  • loss of key clients/contacts
  • reduced practical know-how

Shareholder Protection.

As a shareholder your focus is on working with your fellow shareholders to make your business successful.

If you were to die, would your beneficiaries share the same goals for the business? Your fellow shareholders may have to work with partners who have little or no interest in the business and your beneficiaries will own shares with no ready buyers.

Group Schemes.

Furthermore, Group Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness policies are important benefits that not only form a key part of a comprehensive employee benefits package but also enable you to manage your business more effectively.

Having the correct insurances in place and making sure that they are regularly reviewed and updated as your business changes can be a particularly onerous task.

KWM can make this clear and simple for your business, ensuring that you are adequately protected in any eventuality.

The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time. Tax relief is dependent on individual circumstances.

The value of investments will be directly linked to the performance of selected funds and these can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount initially invested.

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