Planning for a long retirement is one of life’s many priorities, and as we are living much longer than previous generations on average, this has become top of the list for many.  We are all going to spend much more of our later life in retirement, with the idea of what retirement looks like for many people continuing to change. 

You may still be in planning mode, or may have reached retirement and be in decumulation mode.  Either way, this next chapter of your life needs to be carefully planned.

At KWM, we have experience in not only building, but also executing effective, efficient and sustainable retirement plans.

Income generation needs to be sustainable.  We are retiring earlier, living for longer and the cost of living is significantly increasing, year on year.  Your savings and pensions need to last you forever and be able to withstand the negative impact of inflation, as well as the possibility for unexpectedly needing a cash lump sum.  Investing in an inflation adjusted manner with decumulation in mind is a specialist subject, but one we at KWM are very well versed in.

Retirement also requires thought and consideration into what happens when you reach a much older age, and what happens with your pensions and assets when you die.

An increasing number of us will need to provide for some form of social care, which will require thinking ahead to understand how this can be paid for, and how it may affect your retirement income.

Also, we all want flexibility to choose how our wealth is passed on when we die, and how you use pensions in this regard can have an important part to play in your estate planning.

Having a strategy in place removes much of the stress around subjects that can often be very emotive to discuss, or make decisions on.

It is complex, all of it, from start to finish, from today and into the future.  There is no doubting that.

At KWM, we exist to give you the confidence to create the future you want. We also understand that people have little time to manage their finances as effectively as they would like, and if they do, it is a complex space to navigate.  Our team of qualified, expert advisers will work with you to develop an appropriate retirement plan to match your current circumstances and meet your future objectives.

The value of investments will be directly linked to the performance of selected funds and these can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount initially invested.

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