Diversity & inclusion


Every day, we’re building a ‘culture of the possible’ that enables and inspires. At KWM, we recognise difference as a strength. Talent isn’t defined by your background. Or your ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social class and so on. That’s why we aim to attract, retain and develop the best people from all walks of life. At KWM, people can be themselves.

We understand that diverse teams and inclusive environments provide the foundations for creativity, innovation and growth. Our focus is on building a community with equal opportunities where everyone has clarity of purpose and feels valued. We’re upholding the values that set us apart. And we’re empowering the talent within.

42% BAME representation

42% of team KWM is represented by people from BAME backgrounds (vs the UK Employee average of 12.75%).  Our culture is one where everyone belongs, and we’re extremely proud that at KWM inclusion is most certainly in the act.

Gender Pay Equality

Although we don’t yet fall into the legislation where we must report specific figures, at KWM we have pay structures relating to the respective roles within the team, and pay progression is based on tangible competencies and overall performance, efforts & attitude.  Gender doesn’t even come into our thought process.

Celebrating Cultures

Our heritage at KWM is the collective of the cultures that enrich us. Celebrating our differences helps unite and educate us. Be it Chanukah, Diwali or Eid you can be sure something will be happening at KWM, often with home cooked foods to enjoy!

Womens Returners Partnership

Since April 2022, KWM have partnered with Womens Returners, an organisation that supports Women wanting to return to work after an extended career break. We co-host events where amazing groups of empowered women make new connections and inspire one another on their own journeys.

London population

Our KWM Head Office in London has 19.5% more BAME representation than the general population of London. We won’t stop here though. Increasing representation of minority groups, especially in senior roles, is a priority for us.

30% Female

We are not happy about this one, but we’re making progress in increasing female representation at KWM (in 2020, we were at 25%).  Our Female Adviser population increased to 12% from 8% in 2020 – but we know we need to do more here.  We will continue to work to increase these numbers, but we are realistic that increasing overall representation takes time.  This is a priority at KWM.

Career Paths

We are proud of our collaborative and inclusive culture which supports and stimulates career progression. We want to provide opportunities for our team to develop their careers and realise their potential.  You can read more about our Career Paths here, and read some stories from our team about their own career progression here. 

Hire The Smile

When we recruit, this is our golden rule at KWM. That’s what we look for. Not background, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.  We know that smiling is infectious. Our experience also tells us that warm & friendly smiles belong to warm & friendly people. And luckily, we have a bunch of them in the office.

Data quoted is correct as of August 2022. 

Source of Data: UK Census, Office National Statistics, GOV.co.uk

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