Your vision for the future is unique.

Your vision for the future is unique. At KWM, we exist to give you the confidence to create the future you want. 

We understand the demands placed on you in the entertainment industry.  Fluctuating income.  Job uncertainty.  Production Budgets.  Inconvenient travelling.  

We are here to help. 

We help to ensure you are in control of your future. 

We help you feel confident that you can stop working when you want to, not when the industry decides. Enjoy the future you deserve. Financial Freedom.

KWM are the perfect financial advisers for anyone in the entertainment industry. They understand, listen & relate to me. Having KWM as part of my team has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. KWM are an invaluable part of my team, they have my back, protect me & their advice has always been valuable. I trust them 100% and wouldn’t want to be without KWM.

Stacey Soloman

Our experience at KWM tells us that the journey through your career is different for everyone, but the one thing in common is that there are never any guarantees.

Your career will no doubt have it’s own challenges and choices, and you will have your own objectives depending where you are on your journey.  As you move through life, your needs and circumstances will change over time. That’s okay. We get that. 

With a little bit of planning and some expert guidance, you can add some certainty to your financial future.

KWM, thank you for taking care of me from day 1. We’ve been on a journey and you’ve always advised me to be sensible, forward thinking & smart with my finances. You’ve protected me from making mistakes and helped me make my plans. Your advice is appreciated now, then & forever. Big love my guys x

Big Zuu

Your career can be lucrative but can also be shorter than a stereotypical working life.

Our team of experienced entertainment specialist advisers have devised a formulated way to ensure that we can collaborate with you to develop an appropriate financial plan to match your current circumstances and meet your future objectives based around your, often uncertain, schedule.

Working with you and, if preferred your management team, our long-term relationship is as important as the decisions and advice we help you with. 

Collaborate.  Empower.  Achieve.  To inspire your financial future.

Jane Moore
Joe Swash
Louisa Lytton
Reshmin Chowdhury

Jane Moore

Before I met KWM I had never realised how much value working with an adviser could have for me. Being busy myself, it is hard to find the time to focus on this, but KWM ensure I am engaged when needed, always being creative, proactive, honest and transparent. I would, and have, recommend them to anyone.

Joe Swash

KWM are amazing! I really enjoy going into the offices and having a good old chat with the team, as well as of course planning out my finances! Their advice is top drawer and they always know the right solution. I love working with the KWM team!

Louisa Lytton

KWM are just the team everyone needs to help them plan out their finances. They are always on hand to help and are understanding and flexible of the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry, which has really helped to ensure my financial plans are suitable for my own situation. Thanks for the expert advice!

Reshmin Chowdhury

I’m really happy with the advice that I receive from my Adviser at KWM – they are a perfect financial partner for me and always there to help.

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