A footballers career can be lucrative and rewarding, but it is also short and unpredictable and therefore it is vital to make the right financial decisions along the way.

At KWM, we exist to give you the confidence to create the future you want.

Having advised over 250 professional football players, we have vast experience allowing us to understand the demands placed on you in the football industry. The consistent hard work. The extra hours. The constant travelling. The pressure. The bits the fans don’t see.

We are here to help. 

We help to ensure you are in control of your future. 

We help you feel confident that when you hang up your boots at the end of your career, your assets will generate enough income for you to be able to live the rest of your life how you choose. Enjoy the future you deserve. Financial Freedom.

Our experience at KWM tells us that the journey through your career is different for everyone, but the one thing in common is that there are never any guarantees.

Your career will no doubt have it’s own challenges and choices, and you will have your own objectives depending where you are on your journey.  As you move through life, your needs and circumstances will change over time. That’s okay. We get that.  

With a little bit of planning and some expert guidance, you can add some certainty to your financial future.

Working With You & Your Family, From Academy, First Pro & Beyond

You know the power of teamwork more than anyone.

Our team of experienced specialist advisers have devised a formulated way to ensure that we can collaborate with you, your families and your management team to develop an appropriate financial plan to match your current circumstances and meet your future objectives.

Our advice is as important when you are starting out in an Academy as it is in the later years of your career. And we are there with you and your team every step of the way.

It is hard to get your head around thinking about the end, when it has only just started.

But this is exactly what you should be doing as a young player.  Your career can be lucrative but is short.  It is therefore important to start to plan for the day you hang your boots up right from the very start.

Being young gives you the advantage of benefitting from investment growth, and the compounding effect of saving over the long term.  Interest on interest!  Doing this throughout your career is good discipline. 

Of course, the key question is always ‘How much should I save’?

And it is not just about your savings. You might want to helping your family. Buy your first property.  Insure yourself.

On your first contract, it might seem next to impossible to do all of this with all that life throws at you.  By taking advice as early as possible means that you’ll have a better chance of achieving the retirement that you have in mind. 

Working with you and your family, our long-term relationship is as important as the decisions and advice we help you with. 

Our long-term relationship is as important as the decisions and advice we help you with.  It is just as important that those close to you are involved in the process if you want them to be. 

 Your Parents.  Your Agent.  Your Spouse.  Your Accountant.  Your Lawyer.  We are happy to collaborate.

 Collaborate.  Empower.  Achieve.  To inspire your financial future.

Playing Overseas

In football, you never know what is coming next.

In recent years, we are seeing more and more British players venturing abroad, deciding to test themselves away from the Premier League.

As exciting as it is, moving abroad will bring new complexities to navigate.  

Whether it is ensuring your salary is protected from national legislation in Germany or France in the event of an injury, compliance with the IRS PFIC rules in the USA or navigating through the Italian new residents / inbound workers tax regimes, you will need to seek specialist financial advice.

KWM has supported many players during their moves overseas.  We understand conflicting tax considerations, local insurances that will be required and strategies for managing your income in different currencies.

Please note that tax advice overseas will involve a referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by KWM Wealth or St. James’s Place.

Retired Players and Non-Playing Staff

Your playing career will come and go quicker than you could ever imagine.

However, the day you hang up your boots isn’t the day that your financial planning journey ends. Your relationship with KWM will continue far beyond your playing career.

You may choose to stay in the game and continue working, or you may have reached retirement and be in decumulation mode.  Either way, this next chapter of your life needs to be carefully planned.

At KWM, we have experience in not only building, but also executing effective, efficient and sustainable retirement plans.  

Planning for a long retirement is one of life’s many priorities, and as we are living much longer than previous generations on average, income generation needs to be sustainable.  

At KWM, we exist to give you the confidence to create the future you want, and that will continue long after you no longer put on your boots.

Career Ending Insurance

Our good health is arguably our most precious asset. It’s often something we take for granted.  

For a footballer, protection is about more than simply buying a life insurance policy – more than ever it’s vital to consider the whole picture. 

How will your family cope if you passed away? What would happen in the event of an illness? What happens if you get injured and must retire from playing football earlier than expected?

In the UK, if you have to retire from injury or illness, your Club is only obliged to pay you for

• 12 months if injured on club duty

• for 6 months if not on club duty

and not for the duration of your playing contract.  

Outside of the UK, in some countries, your Club would stop paying your wages if you were injured for more than 42 days (Germany) or 90 days (France).

Your income could stop, but your outgoings won’t.  In fact, they would likely increase if you were incapacitated.

There are specialist insurances for this, with the most popular often known in the industry unofficially as Career Ending Insurance.

KWM have brokered over £875,000,000 of specialist insurance for footballers (correct as of May 2024) and our vast experience means that we can help you to assess your individual situation and requirements, before devising a plan to ensure you have the peace of mind you need.

We're ready to help